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Have access to multiple Live Transfer Campaigns in some of the biggest and most requested verticals

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Revenue Share Program

We offer and trade data in multiple verticals as apart of our email and texting rev-share program.


Let’s create a revenue share partnership

Revenue Share
Partnership Program

Do you have lists of your own that you want to partner with? Are you looking for specific industry data and lists so you can do revenue share partnerships? Great! We have accurate, verified, and unique data across various industries. We also offer revenue share partnership opportunities. Our goal is to establish revenue share partnership relationships that work for both parties involved. We want to build a win-win for everyone involved in order to drive traffic and conversions for advertisers and website owners alike.

Our Rev Share Program Process

The revenue share partnership program provides access to data in multiple verticals. We make the process easy so you can focus on growing your business. The rev-share program allows you to easily generate leads, schedule email campaigns, and more.

How It Works

You Provide Us Data

We Provide You Data

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How It Works

Do you have data you would like to partner on a rev share with? The revenue share partnership program gives subscribers easy access to the telephone number of your company and access to all your latest press releases. Through our revenue share rev-share partnership program, we can offer and trade data in multiple verticals as a part of our email and texting rev-share partnership program.


You Provide Us Data

Do you have a database of contact data but are lacking the resources, cost or time to create SMS offers for each category of interest for your database? We can help! With our partners you won’t ever have to worry about cost, traffic or delivery. As many as you would like, it’s that simple. You send the contacts and we will deliver the messages. No risk and no hassle.


We Provide You Data

We can provide you data both real-time and aged, you do the emailing, and we both collect. It is really very simple. 50/50 split offered. We also have offers you can use to email, not only our data but your other partner’s data too! Many ways to earn with Online Lead Exchange’s Revenue Share Partnerships Program.


Want To Get Started?

Want to start sending your own SMS campaigns but know where to start or want access to more data for your campaigns? Click the get started button and fill out the form and a dedicated representative will reach out to you soon! excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate.