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When you use Online Lead Exchange to purchase leads, you can expect quality leads starting at only a penny

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Have access to multiple Live Transfer Campaigns in some of the biggest and most requested verticals

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We help you make more money with less work. New buyers visit our site daily who look for all vertical types

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We offer and trade data in multiple verticals as apart of our email and texting rev-share program.


Secure Lead Buying Services

Lead Buying Services

Buying leads is a cost-effective way to acquire new customers or members. When you’re just starting out and need to be able to afford all marketing efforts, paying top dollar for a lead isn’t always necessary. If you haven’t used Online Lead Exchange yet, you are missing out

A Better & Improved Experenice
to Exchange Leads

Online Lead Exchange has no minimum purchase requirement. Buy as many or as few as you need. We make lead buying simple. Select the leads you want, add them to your cart, and check out. It’s that simple. All prices are subject to change based on the date and availability of leads.


Rent-to-Own: Starting at $0.50


Personal Loan Declines: Starting at $0.35


Auto Insurance: Starting at $0.50


Credit Repair: Starting at $0.50


Tax Debt: Starting at $0.30


Student Loan Consolidation : Starting at $0.30

The Most Affordable Leads On The Web, Starting at a Penny

We deliver thousands of leads daily, with over a million leads delivered monthly. Pricing is $6000/mo or $1500/wk with leads delivered daily with easy access. You will receive your file within minutes after purchase and is delivered separated by vertical. Upon signing up you receive barely aged leads in the following verticals.


Rent to Own Leads


Personal Loan Leads


Auto Insurance


Mortgage Refi Leads


And Many More

Begin Searching For Quality Leads

Have you tried our website for finding leads? Even if you haven’t, it’s still a useful resource. We have multiple different ways of learning how to operate Online Lead Exchange and they’re all within the same website, so you won’t get confused trying to work out which is the best method to follow.

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Video Tutorial

We have created a short 5-minute video that shows how to operate and search on our platform. It also offers a lot of helpful tips and tricks that are found to be helpful to first-time users.

Slide Show Guide

Our step-by-step slide show guide will cover the same topics as our video tutorial only broken down to address specific issues one might have when navigating our storefront. 

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Introducing Online Lead Exchange, the safe and secure way to buy or sell leads online. It’s a new way to exchange leads, so stop passing your unused leads to a spammer and start getting top dollar for them with Online Lead Exchange!

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Online Lead Exchange is excited to help you make more money with less work. We have new buyers visiting daily who are looking for all vertical types.

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