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When you use Online Lead Exchange to purchase leads, you can expect quality leads starting at only a penny

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Have access to multiple Live Transfer Campaigns in some of the biggest and most requested verticals

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We help you make more money with less work. New buyers visit our site daily who look for all vertical types

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We offer and trade data in multiple verticals as apart of our email and texting rev-share program.


Who we are?

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Since our launch, Online Lead Exchange (OLX) has grown from a simple lead marketplace to become a full-fledged lead generation platform. In addition to landing pages for your live transfer campaigns, you can now also create online ads for any SMS campaign on OLX and use the full power of our platform to schedule your text messages, manage your list of subscribers, and access all the demographic and contact information you need.

Why Choose Us 

Find your target audience relative to your niche

Finding new leads for your business when you are a small or medium-sized company can be difficult. Marketing automation tools will help you manage your leads, but will not give you the ability to find the ones that are looking for your specific service—leading to an increase in cost, low engagement and low conversion. Our lead generation platform solves this problem by helping you filter through all the leads that apply to your niche, so you can find those who are looking for what you have to offer.

Meet our Fantastic Team

We know how exhausting it can be trying to find lead buyers. We are also aware that you would like to monetize your leads to the max. So let us help.

Amy Colson 

Online Lead Exchange Director

Sarah Ford

OLX Administrative Assistant

Tina Sleet

Live Transfer Manager

Jamie DeVries

Data Resource Specialist

Chris Baareman

Leads Broker

Tabitha Taylor

Data Resource Specialist

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